How to Install Wood Planks & Paneling

Click & Stick Instructions

What you need to install Woodstock Walls: Woodstock Walls Click & Stick Installation Bundle

  • Caulking gun for ease of use
  • Woodstock’s Choice adhesive
  • Pencil
  • Level
  • Saw (handsaw or electric)
  • Measuring tape
  • Hammer or screwdriver (to remove nails or debris from the wall)

Preparing for the wall application

Wood panels must acclimate for a minimum of 72 hours to adapt to current conditions in the room you plan on installing your wall. Place the panels in an area where the air will freely circulate through the planks or put a fan near the wood once it is laid out.  After 3 days, begin installing your new wood wall!

Once you’ve gathered all the necessary tools to complete your project, you’re ready to prepare the wall.

  1. First, make a reference line on the wall using a level.  Cut open the adhesive (regular scissors will work) and screw on the tip. Follow the instructions on the package on how to insert the tube of adhesive to your manual or automatic caulking gun.
  2. Next, remove all outlet plates, screws, nails, or debris that you may find. With your surface prepped (and/or with your starter panel dry in the center of the wall), you are now ready to ‘Woodstock’ your walls!

Woodmaster Tip: We highly recommend starting your installation against the base board, at the bottom of the wall. This will help ensure your panels are perfectly level and allow for a quicker completion by being able to stack & stagger right away!

Woodmaster Tip:  If you would like to start in the center of the wall, we recommend starting with the longest panel and making the end of the panel flush with the edge of the wall. Starting this way will minimize cutting later on. Get the 1st plank up immediately, while you prep the rest of the wall, the plank will be drying (approx. 30 minutes to set).

How to install wood panels

  1. Open your package, remove the longest panel from the top of the set.
  2. Add 2” of adhesive in the grooves on all four corners (apply the adhesive within the groove). There should be no overspill if you start 1”-2” from the end of the board.
  3. Add 2” of adhesive in the center of the board (not needed for the 12” and 16” boards)
  4. Immediately press the panel firmly along your pre-marked level line.
  5. If starting at the bottom of the wall, repeat steps 2-4 above until your first row is complete.
    1. If starting in the center of the wall, your first panel should have set, ready to stack, after 30 minutes.
  6. Place the next plank above the first plank. Remember to stagger your joint lines (offset the ends of the boards) to ensure a stronger wall application.
  7. Continue to stack & stagger planks until the intended surface is covered.

Woodmaster Tip:  Too much adhesive will take longer to dry and adhere to the wall. Adjust speed of cordless caulking gun (if applicable) to apply less adhesive.

Woodmaster Tip:  You have up to 10 minutes after pressing panel against wall to fine tune your plank leveling with your reference line.

Woodmaster Tip:  Use the hand or electric saw and tape measure to trim any pieces that are too long.

Woodmaster Tip: If you have any questions regarding Woodstock Walls instructions and/or material, email: [email protected] OR call 1 (800) 985-5266.

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