How to Install Wood Planks & Paneling

Transforming a space in your home or office is easier than ever with Woodstock Walls click and stick panels. Learning how to install wood paneling on walls has never been easier; what you need to know before getting started on your next Woodstock project.

How to Install Woodstock Walls

At Woodstock Walls, we are passionate about providing our clients with access to authentic and unique reclaimed wood accents for the spaces that make up our lives. From DIY projects to commercial scale renovations, Woodstock wall paneling will transform your ordinary space into an extraordinary one.

What you need to install Woodstock Walls

Woodstock Walls makes installing wood paneling, simple, fast, and rewarding. Harnessing the power of transformation is easy with our click and stick wood panels, you just need a few tools first.

Tools you’ll need when installing your Woodstock Wall:

  • Measuring tape
  • Level
  • Dry and wet rags (to prepare wall for Woodstock application)
  • Hammer or screwdriver (to remove nails or debris from the wall
  • Handsaw or electric saw
  • Hand roller

How to calculate square footage for your Woodstock Wall project

To figure out how many square feet of Woodstock wood paneling needed for your project, you will need to use a measuring tape to measure the height and width of the wall in inches. Then multiply the width in inches by the height in inches and divide the total by 144 to determine square feet.

Preparing the wall for application

After figuring out how many wood panels to order for your project, you’re ready to prepare the wall for the application. Start by thoroughly cleaning and drying the intended surface. Next, remove all outlet plates, screws, nails, or debris that you may find.

After the wall is clean, make a reference line on the wall using a level.

(Woodmaster Tip: As long as your baseboard is level, you can use it as your reference line instead of drawing one on the wall.) With your surface cleaned and prepped, you are now ready to begin Woodstocking your walls!

How to install wood paneling on walls

  • Peel the backing tape off the wood panel you intend to place.
  • Press the panel firmly against the wall.
    Repeat until the first row is complete.
  • As you’re completing your Woodstock wall, don’t forget to stagger your joint lines.
  • Be sure to trim any pieces that are too long with a hand saw or electric saw.
  • Once the wall is covered, use a hand roller over the whole surface to apply pressure to all planks and ensure a solid bonding to the wall.

Create an Extraordinary Space for Your Extraordinary LifeAt Woodstock Walls, wood is more than just our passion; it’s our life. We’ve been teaching people how to install Woodstock walls while transforming spaces and lives in the Las Vegas valley for decades—which wall in your home is ready to be Woodstocked?