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With Woodstock Walls, Reclaimed Wood you can customize the style, width, and square footage – so our product will match any project.

Woodstock Walls

Reclaimed Wood Wall Paneling

Each plank is crafted from genuinely reclaimed lumber, from vintage American barns, Tobacco Mills, Cotton mills and other Vintage buildings. Authentically weathered and naturally aged from Mother Nature.
Made in the USA with genuine reclaim lumber.


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WoodStock Wood panels are a thin, lightweight, real plank specifically chosen from reclaimed lumber.


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Woodstock Walls

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Turn Your House into a Home with Woodstock Walls

At Woodstock Walls, we believe that well-crafted design can be both beautiful and sustainable. Founded by artist and visionary Kevin Fults, Woodstock Walls is the manifestation of our passion for turning houses into homes. Our expertly crafted wood wall accents is easy to use in a variety of commercial and residential projects.

Sustainable sourced and expertly crafted with your project needs in mind

Using only sustainable sourced materials, we manufacture high-quality and dynamic decorative wood wall accents. From wood wall planks to intricately designed decorative wood wall panels to wall furniture, Woodstock Walls adds just the right touch of nature to any design.

DIY wood wall accents made easy with Woodstock Walls

As master craftspeople, the team at Woodstock Walls has combined the power of technology with the ageless, organic beauty of wood to craft accents' that reduce waste while honoring the materials and traditions that make a house feel like home.

What’s not to love about Woodstock Walls? We even go right to the source for our reclaimed wood to ensure you’re getting the best products for the best prices. As designers and craftspeople who understand the beauty of wood, our team is accustomed to working with designers and homeowners alike to ensure your vision comes to life.

Choose from a variety of unique finishes, styles, and sizes

Woodstock Walls accent pieces come in a variety of sizes, styles, and finishes with easy installation methods that will have you looking for corners of your home to ‘Woodstock.’ The look and feel of wood designs have never been easier to achieve with Woodstock Walls.

Are You Ready to Find the Woodstock Wall for You?

Whether you’re a DIYer looking to add a bit of personality to your home or an interior designer looking for the right accents for your residential and commercial project, there’s a Woodstock Wall for you in every home.