Architectural Wood Panels are Limitless

From wood walls to wood ceilings - residential or commercial - add timeless beauty and global charm to ANY space with Click&Stick. A do-it-yourself wood panel installation that guarantees an exceptional design every time with our 3-D decorative wood paneling sustainably harvested from U.S. Southern territories, Southeast Asia, India & Australia.

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3d hardwood slat wood  wall panel 3d wood slat

3D Slat Collection

Choose from five 3D slat wood wall designs or custom design your own.

south pacific tropical hardwood panels

South Pacific Collection

Choose from 15+ authentic Teak 3D wood wall designs sourced from South and Southeast Asia.

woodstock walls reclaimed wood wall panels real wood walls wood wall panel sample

Americana Collection

Choose from 15+ authentic barn and fence wood wall designs sourced from the southern states of America.

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    See the beauty for yourself! Feel the difference of all real reclaimed or 3D tropical and domestic hardwood designs. Available by collection or individual panels.

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    Your design dreams are unlimited with Wood Wall Designs. Can't find the design you need or need custom service? Email us for a custom quote.

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    What To Expect

    Renovating your own home or office? Browsing for a client or corporation? Learn what to expect when you choose Wood Wall Designs with Click&Stick.

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Install with Click&Stick

After years of perfecting the DIY & trade process for you - we have developed Click&Stick. The simplest, most eco-friendly wood panel installation.

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  • Nature Made

    Woods' lasting natural beauty is why we love what we do. Reclaimed wood holds a special place in our heart - it withstands decades of adverse conditions and still takes our breathe away.

  • Quality

    We specialize in new and recycled lumber supply and custom manufacturing. We hand select the highest-quality materials from Fiji and beyond, precision mill it and deliver it to you!

  • Service

    Our team of A&D experts have helped homeowners, designers, franchise owners, contractors, and architects find the right wood design for projects of every scope and size for over 20 years.

  • Design

    Our architectural wood panels are designed for quick installation with Click&Stick, enabling a beautiful wood wall to be built in a couple of hours - with minimal damage to the panel and minimal waste!

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