The Best Ways to Use Reclaimed Barn Wood Ideas in Your Home

The reclaimed barn wood ideas you see on our favorite home improvement shows can be of inspiration for our exterior and interior decor ideas, but let’s face it: we don’t have a crazy huge budget to shell out for that dream wooden wall in the living room. That’s where our DIY reclaimed Woodstock Walls design ideas come in handy.

If you’re into DIY projects around the home, these easy-to-use reclaimed barn wood planks can turn your renovation dreams into reality. Luckily for you, there are other things to make out of old barn wood outside of designing a rustic wood floor—even though that’s a great idea, too.

Things to Make from Salvaged Wood

Accent wall

Have you been searching for the perfect reclaimed barn wood ideas for walls? Bring attention to any space in your home by adding a backdrop accent wall behind it made entirely of reclaimed barn wood planks. The more use of different textures and colors of wood, the more unique of a look it gives the room. Remember: don’t go overboard with more than one wall decorated in the reclaimed barn wood. Keep it simple.

Window frames

What surrounds a window can make or break the lighting that hits the inside of your home. For warm, natural light, frame your windows with reclaimed wood. Keep this look nice and consistent by using similar colors and textures around windows in your living room or even the kitchen. Not only will this change the way your home is naturally lit, but it also adds a trendy, rustic feel without looking completely like a cabin.

Wooden headboard

Headboards can either be cheap and drab or unique but expensive, and figuring out how to make that inexpensive headboard shine can often lead to a mess. However, you can solve this issue easily by using reclaimed barn wood planks that apply right to your current headboard. This is a favorite craft because it’s the easiest and quickest way to make a beautiful difference to your bedroom decor.

Reclaimed Wood Panels from Woodstock Walls

As you can see, making craft projects from old reclaimed barn wood ideas can be more fun than demanding. For information on how to begin your old barn wood projects, Woodstock Walls can talk you through any ideas you have in mind. You can also check out how to install wood paneling for more tips.

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