Set the Mood All-Year Round with the Perfect Accent Wall in Your Boudoir

woodstock walls accent wall in a bedroom


How much time do you spend in your bedroom? Whether you realize it or not, the interior design of the spaces we spend our lives in can help enhance your state of mind—or your libido. You can set a romantic mood all-year-round by giving your bedroom a timeless facelift by learning how to install wood paneling with Woodstock Walls.

Transform Your Bedroom into a Romantic Getaway with Reclaimed Wood Paneling

A bedroom accent wall is an easy and effective way to not only to enhance the color scheme of your boudoir but also a way to make your space seem larger. You can also use accents like reclaimed wood paneling to enhance reading nooks and alcoves. When it comes to choosing which wall should be the accent wall in a bedroom and the best way to highlight it, it helps to consider what kind of atmosphere you’re striving to create in your bedroom.

How to pick the perfect wall to accent your bedroom

How do you choose the best bedroom accent wall? The best accent wall in a small or large bedroom is the wall that stands out in the space. Simply put, the first wall that your eye is drawn to in a room is typically going to be your best choice when it comes to sprucing up your boudoir with any kind of accent wall.

Most often, this will be the same wall with the head of your bed. However, if you want to use a different wall, or if you are unable to determine which wall stands out in your bedroom, try asking a friend, family member, or your partner to see which wall catches their eye when they come into the room. Now you have a couple of options when it comes to choosing the right accent wall for your bedroom.

Mix up your bedroom design with textures, colors, and Woodstock walls

Adding texture and warmth to a space is one of the reasons many of our clients opt for reclaimed wood wall paneling and other antique accents when redesigning their spaces. With original pieces that are custom-tailored to your space and specifications, enhancing your bedroom with a Woodstock wall accent wall is the perfect way to satisfy your sense of touch as much as your sense of sight.

Satisfy Your Senses by Adding an Accent Wall to Your Bedroom

In design and in life, satisfaction is fundamental to happiness and success. Make sure you’re in love with your bedroom by talking to a designer about how to install wood paneling for the perfect bedroom accent wall. Our unique and easy-to-use products can transform your space in less than a day—connect with us to learn more.

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