The Fastest DIY Reclaimed Wood Wall – Click & Stick

Board Wash - White Reclaimed Wood Wall

Some people are natural do-it-yourselfers who don’t shy away from getting their hands dirty. They love the feeling of having control over what they are creating. Others view DIY projects as too time-consuming and possibly too hard. Woodstock Walls Click & Stick wood wall installation system was created for DIY enthusiasts and novices alike looking […] continue reading »

3 Reasons to Use Reclaimed Wood

There are plenty of pros to using reclaimed wood. Several structures can withstand upcycled wood because it is a higher-quality wood. Reclaimed wood comes from farmhouses, barns, warehouses, factories, and even old ships, so strength and durability are important characteristics in reclaimed wood. Reasons to Use Reclaimed Wood 1. The character Every piece of wood […] continue reading »