The Fastest DIY Reclaimed Wood Wall – Click & Stick

Board Wash - White Reclaimed Wood Wall

Some people are natural do-it-yourselfers who don’t shy away from getting their hands dirty. They love the feeling of having control over what they are creating. Others view DIY projects as too time-consuming and possibly too hard. Woodstock Walls Click & Stick wood wall installation system was created for DIY enthusiasts and novices alike looking for the quickest DIY reclaimed wood wall.

Our ultimate reclaimed wood DIY system gives you back total control. For building a reclaimed wood wall, DIY peel & stick planks are an option. We’re introducing Woodstock Walls Click & Stick reclaimed wood planks as the better DIY option.

Thicker Planks with Stronger Adhesive

Shopping online means you can’t tell which reclaimed wood panels come from authentic century-old American structures and which do not. Peel and stick planks are typically thinner to ensure the tape will adhere the wood to the wall. As a result the thinner planks sometimes break during installation creating a lot of waste after purchase. We have seen first-hand that peel & stick planks pop off the wall or break in half. Often times, you may find less expensive reclaimed wood planks on sale that are new lumber planks made to look distressed. Those planks are not real reclaimed wood nor real barn wood. Woodstock Walls reclaimed redwood planks are 0.25” (1/4”) thick while our authentic barn wood planks are 0.5″(1/2′) thick. The average peel and stick planks that come from competitors are 0.1875” (3/16″) thick. Our wood is durable and able to go onto any wall regardless of the wall being straight or not. In addition, our reclaimed wood wall panels will not warp, crack, pop off the wall, or bend.

Don’t Stress, There’s no Mess

In case it’s not obvious, peel and stick wood wall installations require you to peel off paper liners from the back of each panel. Doesn’t sound like much of a hassle, but keep in mind there are 3-4 liners on each plank with over 20 planks per box. Your floor will have paper strips all over it by the end of your wood wall install that you’ll have to take the extra time to clean up. In addition, these peel & stick liners are clingy and hard to peel off, adding more time to your wood wall installation. Woodstock Walls Click & Stick panels have no liners involved so don’t worry! We take away that tedious step and reduce unnecessary plastic waste. Go green! Using our pre-measured grooves on the back of the panel, you add our adhesive and stick to the wall – it is that simple and easy.

Time is in Your Hands

Peel & stick self-adhesive can be tricky, it allows little room for error. You are taking a risk by letting the adhesive touch your wall, then trying to pull the plank off to make it straight. The plank may adjust and become less sticky or it may not adjust at all leaving you with a crooked plank. One crooked plank results in an entire crooked wood wall, you don’t want that! Using the level is very important when installing reclaimed wood wall panels. With Woodstock Walls, our DIY reclaimed wood wall system (Click & Stick) comes with commercial strength adhesive that allows up to 10 minutes for you to adjust. Whether you have a level or not, you have time to get your plank just right on your wall. It’s a quick stick with time to fix!

The Authenticity You’re After

Kevin Fults, the owner and CEO, of Woodstock Walls picks the highest quality reclaimed wood by hand. With journeys to America’s back countries, he personally sources barn wood, fence wood, and wood from old mills. With these trips come numerous stories of American history and different lifestyles. Read more about his trips here. Each reclaimed wood plank comes with its own origin story. We make our wood wall paneling easy so you can start adding your life story to your reclaimed wood. See the full how-to Click & Stick video here!