3 Reasons to Use Reclaimed Wood

There are plenty of pros to using reclaimed wood. Several structures can withstand upcycled wood because it is a higher-quality wood. Reclaimed wood comes from farmhouses, barns, warehouses, factories, and even old ships, so strength and durability are important characteristics in reclaimed wood.

Reasons to Use Reclaimed Wood

1. The character

Every piece of wood has a long story behind it. Many people talk about how each piece of wood that is used is completely unique and wonderful in its own way.

Some people call it “heart” and some people call it “character,” but regardless, the reclaimed wood that you use to build your Woodstock Wall will always have a spirit and uniqueness to it that will stand the test of time.

2. It’s durable and strong

There’s a reason this reclaimed wood is still available: it’s typically the best quality wood out there. On top of looking completely original, durability and strength are just a few more characteristics you can expect from reclaimed wood. Back in the day when our homes and factories were built, builders only used the best wood they could find, and that same wood remains strong today.

3. Old wood is hard to come by

“Old wood” often comes from “old growth” and it refers to trees that have reached their maturity, naturally. The trees themselves are grown and matured in an environment that encourages slow growth. This is very beneficial for the wood—it’s more stable, more rot-resistant, and stronger.

Basically, the slower a tree grows, the denser the fibers are. This makes for stronger, more durable wood, which is perfect for construction.

Installing Reclaimed Wood

Now that you know the pros of reclaimed wood, you should consider that in your construction when you get ready to build your beautiful DIY project. Contact Woodstock Walls to learn how to install wood paneling.

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