Make Your House a Home with Reclaimed Wood

It takes more than a new coat of paint to a house feel like home. Remodeling with reclaimed wood is an economical and ecologically sound way to claim your space and make your house a home. Decorative wood wall panels provide a sophisticated, yet inexpensive solution to home remodeling.

Reclaim Your Space with Reclaimed Wood

Decorative wood wall panels are an easy and original way to put a unique stamp on a space. The unique properties of reclaimed wood is what makes it such a useful resource in design. Remodeling with reclaimed wood can take the shape of everything from wall décor to accent pieces; the only limit is your imagination.

While DIY enthusiasts, furniture makers, interior designers, others find themselves scavenging for reclaimed woods for their projects, our reclaimed peel and stick wood planks come straight from old barns, buildings and fences that could be over 100 years old.

Benefits of remodeling with reclaimed wood include:

  • Versatility: Reclaimed wood is just as functional as traditional timber for a number of DIY reclaimed wood projects, including countertops, cabinetry, flooring, and even furniture.
  • Eco-friendly: Sustainably sourced reclaimed woods are hard to find. Remodeling with reclaimed wood also means you a have an enormous array of woods, textures, and colors to choose from.
  • Original, thought-provoking beauty: Every piece of reclaimed wood has a story to tell. At Woodstock Walls, we know the history behind our reclaimed wood pieces, giving them a deep sense of history.

Because aged and reclaimed woods fit into both contemporary and traditional spaces, remodeling with reclaimed wood is an inherently unique trend because no two pieces of reclaimed wood will ever be the same.

4 ways to make your house a home with reclaimed wood pieces

Although traditional hardwood has always been an elegant element for designers and builders, more homeowners are opting for reclaimed wood products that are resilient, sustainable, and stunning. Four ways you can remodel your home with reclaimed wood include:

  1. Bring a pair of barn doors in from outside
  2. Repurpose or ‘upcycle’ an old piece of wood furniture
  3. Install decorative wood wall panels
  4. Unique art and accent pieces

Remodeling with Reclaimed Wood Made Easier Than Ever

At Woodstock Walls, we are experts in reclaimed wood. Our peel and stick reclaimed wood wall paneling is stunningly designed and easy to install no matter what your experience level. Talk to our team today about your options for creating your original Woodstock Wall.

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