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South Pacific Collection

South Pacific Collection Sample Box

South Pacific Collection Sample Box

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  • Our wood wall sample box consists of 16 different wood wall options for your wall, ceiling, backsplash, headboard, etc. Cut to roughly 3″ x 5″ samples.
  • Each product ships in either boxes of 9.59 Sq Ft or boxes of 10.76 Sq Ft ranging from $14.07 Sq Ft to $25.85 Sq Ft.
  • These panels are made from real wood and are crafted in shiplap interlocking designs for quick and easy Click&Stick installation.

No need to damage the face of the material with nails, we recommend using our Wood Apply adhesive. Fastest & easiest installation method, you can have an 40 Sq Ft wall up in less than an hour!

Feel free to reach out and send us a message with any questions! We are happy to help!

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