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South Pacific Collection

Driftwood ($8.49/sq ft)

Driftwood ($8.49/sq ft)

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Driftwood features a mix of thin, textured 3D rectangles hand crafted out of real recycled wood, held together with glue and a fabric mesh backer. These panels come in boxes of 9.59 Sq Ft, and 10 panels come in each box. They are made from real recycled wood and are crafted in shiplap interlocking designs for quick & easy installation. Our recycled wood panels will transform any wall into an art piece.

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Quantity Per Box: 9.59 Square Feet per box

Dimensions: 3/8″ – 3/4″ Thick x 7″ Tall x 21-3/8″ wide

Material: Recycled Wood


  • Beautiful natural coloring ranging from dark golden yellow to a dark mocha after exposure
  • High durability and long lasting
  • Sustainably sourced materials imported from the South Pacific
  • Can be installed on many surfaces such as walls, ceilings, backsplashes, etc. with our easy Click&Stick install
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