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When we think of reclaimed barn wood, we tend to forget where it’s been reclaimed from and the history contained in its fibers and splints. While this beautiful wood is accenting walls in the 21st century, its rich history contains memorials to the past of our young and growing nation. Our Americana Collection reaches as far back as the 1800s, while the Wild West was the reality of the world. As oak trees were being chopped to build barn structures, Lincoln was giving his famous Gettysburg Address in 1863. The Battle of Little Bighorn raged on in 1876 as beech wood was being milled for its beautiful red and brown hues. Add history and character to your space with our Americana collection!

  • Helps reduce deforestation
  • Sustainable for indoor and outdoor applications, having already experienced weathered conditions
  • Precision milled at our facility
  • Can be installed on numerous surfaces, easily, with our Click&Stick install


Dimensions: 1/4″ Thick x 5″ Wide x 12″, 16″, 24″, 36″, and 48″ Lengths

Material: Reclaimed Fence Wood

Quantity Per Box: 21 SQ FT per box

Lead Time: 3-5 days to ship

Specification Page: Sequoia Spec Sheet


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Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions .25 × 5 × 48 in

2 reviews for Sequoia ($7.50/SQ FT)

  1. Moriah

    I had a large accent wall and wanted to do something that was recycled material. I found your site and Wow! I think you can see the difference is incredible. Thank you for what you do by reusing and recycling, it’s amazing. You guys have a beautiful product thank you! 😊😊

  2. Harmony

    In my house we have a beam that runs across the living room ceiling, and it has kind of a awkward shape to it because of how it’s positioned, we tried peel and stick but a few weeks later the panels started coming off the beams because you really can’t get the right angle to apply pressure on to the wood panel and quite frankly the panels weren’t as rustic as advertised, most of the time these wood panels almost look like stickers lol I was impressed with Woodstock because not only did they have real reclaimed wood but they had it for a great price and they had a kit and instructions on how to install it, thanks again, If I ever need reclaimed wood I know where I’m headed!

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