3D Decorative Wood Slat Wall | 24 Sq. ft. Per Box | Walnut | ($74.97/sqft)

$1,799.28 sq. ft.

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🕵️ HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIAL: Crafted with premium solid walnut lumber, our 3D wood wall ranges in color from light brown to chocolate brown. Walnut has unique grain patterns and bold colors that shine with our clear satin topcoat. Each piece of walnut is inspected by hand to ensure no knots are on the face/surface of the panel. Our 3D panels are precision milled to 1 1/4” thick shiplap panels with black melamine behind the walnut for a seamless appearance.


🖼️THREE DIMENSIONAL: Decorative 3D walls made with all-natural wood is a work of art on your wall. The stunning brown walnut slats appear to be popping off the wall, bringing it to life. Add character and depth to any room with three-dimensional wood panels that are perfect for accent walls, fireplace coverings, island coverings, tv surrounds, headboards, room dividers or anything you can dream of.


🧰  EASY TO INSTALL: We’ve put together our own proprietary system for adhering wood panels to walls and many of our clients have thanked us for it. Here at Woodstock Walls, we like to call this method the “Click & Stick”. To say “using it is simple” would be an understatement – you won’t even break a sweat. Click & Stick was created to be the present-day solution to the problematic peel & stick product of the past. Not only is it time efficient and cost effective, but it’s also a one-of-a-kind product that’s quick and easy to use. Learn more about our click & stick method here.


Please Note: If you would like to use nails instead to fasten your wood panels to the wall or in addition to the Click & Stick Method that will work just fine, our wall panels are compatible with both installation methods. If you’re looking to put up the wall or cover a space temporarily, we recommend using nails which allows you to remove the wood wall more easily than with the Click & Stick system.


Why use our Click & Stick? Because it is…

👷 Professionally Tested – Use commercial grade adhesive like the pros for a wood wall with little to no errors

🧹 Mess-Free – Go green with no peel & stick! No need to pick up liners after install

🚲 Simple – Grooves on the back of each panel hold 1-2” of adhesive in each corner and the center

⏱️ Quick – Save time by not peeling off liners & not cleaning up liners

🎯 Accurate – Using Click & Stick gives you time, before it has fully dried, to make sure the first panel is leveled, ensuring the entire wall will be leveled with our precision milled wood!


Get the Click & Stick System Installation Kit here


💪LONG LASTING: Our product is perfect for people who do not like peel and stick wood panels and those who want real, organic solid lumber. Our black melamine base is more durable than MDF so it will last for years to come. Woodstock Walls is a great solution for those looking for beautiful wood walls paneling that will truly stand the test of time.


😁 CUSTOMER SERVICE: If there is anything you’re unsure about please contact us, we would love to hear from you. We hate automated voices and waiting on hold just as much as you do so trust and believe we will have a friendly and knowledgeable representative on standby to answer all questions you may have.

1 box = 24 Sq. Ft.

Custom sizes and finish options available on orders over 500 square feet. Inquire for more details!


Available in 9″ widths.
Panels are 1¼″ thick and lengths 48” to 96″
Custom sizes and finish options available on orders over 500 square feet. Inquire for more details!


Quickly install directly on painted drywall or plywood surfaces by using our easy Click & Stick method.

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