Woodstock Walls: Wood On The Wall

Woodstock Walls: Wood On The Wall

As you get ready to move into your new home or remodel a portion of your house, installing wood on the wall may have crossed your mind a few times and rightfully so, installing 3D wood panels can add to the allure of your humble abode. 

While putting wood on the wall isn’t exactly like putting up a Mona Lisa, there are many prolific interior designers and home decor taste makers that revere installing 3D wood wall paneling like placing a piece of fine art on the wall. 

Installing architectural wood paneling also gives you the opportunity to add a piece of history to your home. Many of these wood planks come directly from barns in the mid-west and southern region of the United States that date back as far as the era of the American Civil War. You may need to do a little digging to find out exactly what story lies behind your reclaimed wood planks but isn’t that what makes anything special? The story behind it? We think so!

Also another very interesting feature of wood in general, is its ability to absorb carbon dioxide. According to the Arbor Day Foundation – https://www.arborday.org/trees/treefacts/, “Nearly 20 pounds of carbon dioxide are produced from burning one gallon of non-ethanol gasoline”. 

Carbon Dioxide is dangerous for a lot of reasons however, wood has to ability to absorb carbon dioxide out of the air, providing you and your family with a cleaner living environment. So if you been on the fence about adding wood on the wall, don’t worry you’re not alone, but rest easy knowing that is a great decision for not only for its appeal but also for its health benefits. 

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