Simple Ways To Spotlight Your Brown Barnwood Wall

Simple Ways To Spotlight Your Brown Barnwood Wall

Barnwood has its own fan club of people who love its weathered, vintage look. For those who are unsure how to make brown barnwood look good in your home, we have some tips. Before we jump into ways to create a cohesive design with barn wood, let’s talk options! Here at Woodstock Walls, we personally source our reclaim lumber from the back countries of numerous southern and mid-western states. We have found some of the most stunning grey and brown barnwood. The beauty in authentic barn wood planks is typically the decades-old circular marks throughout the face of the wood. Those marks were left behind by a large circular blade used to cut the old-growth lumber. Also, reclaimed barn wood has naturally weathered ranges of color that only Mother Nature could create.

While real American barnwood has a rough, farmhouse appeal it looks gorgeous with any design aesthetic. We’ve heard homeowners worry about color clashes and texture conflicts, but those worries die down after they see how barn wood can enhance any room. In this post, we’re going to reveal four design tips (Inspired by Carrie Waller at Dream Green DIY), when using brown barnwood planks, like our Rustic Mill.

Surround Yourself With Wood

Most homes have wood products that are not always valued for their organic beauty. Your wood table, desk, chairs. flooring, countertops, doors, and moulding are waiting on you to make the most of them. You can do that with a brown reclaimed barn wood wall. The brown tones seem drastic at first, no two planks will be the same color. Once you get used to them you will see that your accent wall made your other wood décor feel more at home. If you don’t have much wood décor in your home, we encourage you to buy more wooden home accessories. You can start small with reclaimed wood coasters and wooden picture frames or go big with a new wood table.

Say Yes to Natural Elements

Wood and trees are essentially one and the same. Both add ambiance and warmth to a room. If you frequent our blog, then we’ve convinced you to add plants to the same room your wood wall is in. Right? If not, think about the increased quality of life that plants bring along with their vibrant green color. Not only do plants and reclaimed wood improve the air quality they also have been known to boost your mood. Having both in a small home office is a no-brainer, that’s exactly what Carrie did. When she was considering adding a reclaimed wood feature wall to her office, she was skeptical, then fell in love with the look (and its many benefits).

Choose Pure Colors

In Carrie’s room, the subtle use of off whites, tans, black, and greens present a unified color palette. Because our brown reclaimed barn wood planks range from almost black to light brown, it ties the other colors together beautifully. If you’re building an accent wall in a woman’s (or girl’s) space, consider using shades of peach, pink and tan. In a living room, your brown barnwood wall will pop with the use of white and black furniture, rugs, pillows, or art (plus you’re your other wood décor). Even your interior trim can play a part in your design. From your assortment of brown wood planks pick those that look the most like your base or crown moulding. Then use those planks at the top and bottom of the wall to extend the room, making it look larger and more inviting.

Go Bold

When you chose a brown barnwood wall for your home, you made a bold choice. Why stop there? We live within four walls that we deserve to love. A reclaimed wood accent wall is only the beginning, bring some of your favorite art pieces into the room to give it your personal touch. Place your art on all or one of the other three walls in the room. Put your interior design hat on and use art pieces that accentuate the wood. Painting or photos of nature will look great and make the room feel as organic (go green!) as possible. 

Ready to create with brown reclaimed barn wood? Get started by ordering a sample. Our samples allow you to feel the wood and match it to your project. Keep in mind when ordering your sample that it is one small piece and the planks you order will be a range of colors. If you want lighter brown or more dark brown, contact us about your order.

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