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Live Eco-Friendly With Reclaimed Wood

Being more conscious about our health and the health of our planet starts with simple decisions. Recycle, reuse, reduce – those are three easy ways to start living greener. Adding eco-friendly reclaimed wood to your space checks each one of those boxes.

No matter what type of reclaimed wood you come across, it’s all recycled from an old structure. Rescuing wood from deconstructed buildings, discarded shipping materials, old-growth stumps, liquor barrels or even old gyms is reducing landfill waste. According to the EPA, wood makes up 8.3 percent of all landfill waste totaling 12.2 million tons in 2018. Recycling or upcycling in any way decreases that waste tremendously.

The need to cut new lumber is non-existent when you choose to redecorate with reclaimed wood. So go ahead and save a tree! Do-it-yourself reclaimed wood panels are cut into thinner planks for easy installation. When the planks are cut down to size (milled) there is some waste involved. At Woodstock Walls, we use scrap pieces to make endcaps and our samples.

Did you know wood is one of the most energy-efficient natural resources?

The wood harvesting process alone requires less energy consumption and fewer fossil fuels needed to produce other materials such as steel or concrete. Reclaimed wood preserves energy because the growth, harvest, and processing of new wood are not needed. In some cases, even transporting is eliminated because the reclaimed wood is sourced locally.

Wood, including reclaimed wood, is a natural sponge. It works as an insulator with air pockets in its structure that help it slow the conductivity of heat. Wood also absorbs moisture adding to improved indoor air quality. Its ability to moderate humidity maintains balance with surrounding air – meaning it will alter humidity when the air is too dry or too moist.

Compared to its counterparts, wood emits up to 29% fewer greenhouse gases and releases up to 20% fewer pollutants into the air. Breathing easy is a breeze when using reclaimed wood in any interior space. Reclaimed wood is not only for walls but for flooring, architectural panels, moulding, doors, countertops, tables, shelves, beams, and ceiling panels.

Reclaimed wood also reduces stress and creates a calmer environment than an indoor space without wood. Beyond a mood booster, being surrounded by wood also lowers blood pressure and steadies your heart rate. Eco-friendly reclaimed wood is the perfect way to create a positive learning and living environment.

Adding America’s hidden treasure to your living space will have you on your way to living greener.

But don’t stop there! Think of at least one organic product to add to each room in your home. For example, our organic oil diffuser keeps bugs away while releasing a fresh peppermint scent into the air. It can be used in any room of the house. And again, don’t stop there! Find one item a day or week to re-use or upcycle in some way instead of disposing of it. Okay, now you’re truly on your way to being a sensible, earth lover. 💚

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