An Option That Protects You – Flame Retardant Wood Panels

An Option That Protects You – Flame Retardant Wood Panels

One of the most important things about wood paneling is its authenticity. Once you’ve found a trusted source with high quality wood planks then you consider its durability, weight, and installation. What if you could choose safer planks as well? The past year has made many of us be more cautious about our health & safety. Flame retardant wood planks check both those boxes for you – wood paneling is good for your health and these planks can protect against fire. These are the top three reasons why you should use them for your next project.

5 Minutes Could Save Your Life

Flame retardants are a combination of substances that are applied to materials (plastic, wood, etc.). Those substances prevent the start of a fire or slow the spread of fire. The retardants kick into action when any fire is detected. We apply flame retardants to our 3D wood planks to give you that additional escape time. When comparing a flame-resistant plank with a non-treated plank, you get an average of 5 minutes to get your family and get out! It’s easy to turn your house into a home with flame-free wood walls that are slow to catch on fire.

Our fire resistant wood panels will also help your business stay fire compliant. Architectural wood planks enhance any commercial space giving it a more relaxed atmosphere. Why not use wood wall panels that ensure you’re taking all the necessary precautions to keep your building and customers safe?

Protect Your Home Against Wildfires

In 2019, there were over 350,000 residential building fires. With 1.8% due to natural causes such as wildfires and the top other causes being cooking, heating & electrical malfunctions. Climate guard your home or business and protect it against common fires with our flame retardant planks. Not everyone is equally at risk for natural wildfires, California & Texas, have the most fire deaths each year. New York, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Kansas are not far behind.

When faced with this information, don’t get anxious and worried. Instead arm yourself with the proper tools to further protect your family. We partner with a local company that uses flame retardant products approved by both the California Fire Authority & New York City Fire Commission. Treating our authentic wood planks with their fire-resistant substance means that our flame retardant panels are slightly higher in cost than our standard solid wood paneling. It’s crucial to have peace of mind and sleep easier knowing your home is safer, no matter the cost.

No Harmful Chemicals

We’ve mentioned the term “‘substances” quite a few times in this text and we know you’re curious about what type of “substances”. Flame retardants are made with chemicals that are approved by multiple authorities. They are non-toxic, have very little odor, and is guaranteed by the manufacturer. However, no chemical is completely safe because it’s not natural. We do recommend wearing gloves or washing your hands after touching the flame retardant wood planks.

If you’d like to know more about the chemicals used during the process, the National Institute of Environmental Health Services has useful information. The current retardants used today are being explored for how they are disposed. Trying to prevent the chemicals remaining in the environment for too long. But there are no major risks from any of the current approved retardants. Rest assured, you’re in good hands!

At Woodstock Walls, we pride ourselves on being one of the most helpful & informative architectural wood panel companies. We want to put our customers in the driver seat. It’s our job to supply our loyal customers with all the information to help make their buying decision. We hope they choose to “Woodstock” their wall, after all!

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