3 Ways To Use Wood Panels Outdoors

3 Ways To Use Wood Panels Outdoors

Creating an outdoor oasis surrounding your home is just as important as having an indoor oasis. When we step outside onto our front porch or backyard, we’re stepping onto an extension of our home. We want to feel just as safe and comfortable outside as we do inside. If you have space and time, you can decorate your outdoor living area with reclaimed wood!

Patio Half Wall Coverings

Are you in the process of remodeling your backyard just in time for summer? Give your patio a new look with a few reclaimed wood additions. Reclaimed wood planks can withstand weathering, maintain their authentic appearance, and require less maintenance. Using wood planks instead of stone, brick or clay can be up to 30% less expensive.

A large patio should be ready to entertain your guests with numerous amenities. From an overhead covering to a bar or kitchen, all these surfaces can be re-imagined with reclaimed wood. Build a half wall in the kitchen or bar area to add character to your patio. Easily add reclaimed wood panels as the backsplash in the outdoor kitchen above the sink or counters. Compliment that by creating a half wall below your bar or around your grill stand.


Reclaimed wood is stronger, more durable, and more unique than newer wood. Your deck is like your living room. The meeting place outside for gatherings, great conversations, and lasting memories. The natural beauty within each plank will work well with any type of design aesthetic – rustic, modern, or historic. You’ll be adding your story to these planks that already have a decade’s worth of stories and character. The distressed marks and weathered features lift the overall beauty of your deck. Let your front or back porch make the neighbors jealous by adding a new reclaimed wood deck.  It’s recommended to treat the reclaimed wood with a waterproof coating.


You may be a DIY enthusiast who felt excitement when thinking about building your own reclaimed wood fence. While it is a fun project to take on, it may not be ideal in certain locations where temperatures are unbearable during certain times of the day. We recommend finding a trusted installer in your area. Reclaimed wood fencing is stunning when surrounding your home.

Reclaimed wood planks are versatile. They can be painted; you can hang plants from them, and they can be used to create one-of-a-kind designs. Our kiln-dried planks ensure your new reclaimed wood fence will last through rain, heat and be resistant to creepy crawlers. We place the solid wood planks onto MDF boards that will not break during or after install.

Using kiln dried architectural wood panels outdoors is the perfect way to make your home surroundings look new again. Barn wood planks are typically thicker and offer gorgeous detail with ranging shades of grey and brown. Our Rustic Mill & Sterling barn wood paneling will blend in naturally with your outdoor scenery. Our Sequoia planks are also ideal because they offer a variety of colors and will stand out amongst the natural scenery. Inquire here about wood panels for fencing and decking.

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