Click & Stick Installation Kit – 199.99




We Provide Everything You Need For Installing Woodstock Walls:

Tite Bond Adhesive (Yes, it needs to be Tite Bond adhesive)
Caulking Gun
Measuring Tape


All together these items make what we here at Woodstock like to called our “Click & Stick System”.  Woodstock Walls Click & Stick Bundle – This everything you need in one place to have a fun, smooth and successful project. Happy building! Would you like more detailed instructions? Please CLICK HERE.

So what exactly is Click & Stick? And how does it help you?

Click & Stick is a proprietary, patent-pending method for adhering wooden planks and art fixtures to any properly prepared wall. Created by Woodstock’s own in – house Research and Development team you can rest assured that you are being offered the most up to date and cutting-edge technology within the lumber industry.

Click & Stick was created to be the present-day solution to the problematic peel & stick product of the past. Not only is it time efficient and cost effective, it’s a one of a kind product that’s quick and easy to use. At Woodstock Walls we see through the eyes our customer’s and strive to become problem solvers. We realized that traditional peel & stick does not work well with wood walls and decided to come up with a product that is thicker than the average standard and an adhesive method that is easy to use and withstands the test of time.

The first step in the simple and easy to follow process is to acclimate the wood planks (panels). We suggest allowing them to set at room temperature for approximately 24 hours.  Once your panels are acclimated you are ready to go.

Place the panel right side down with the grooves facing you and with a caulking gun, begin to apply     1”-2” of adhesive along the grooves. We recommend using an automatic, battery powered caulking gun with Franklin Titebond Adhesive. The Franklin Titebond Adhesive is extremely concentrated and only a small amount is necessary for a firm hold. Remember….a little goes a long way.  This simple process eliminates the peel & stick double sided tape liners of the past, creating less work for you and your employees.

Once you have placed the wood panel on the wall, Click & Stick allows you between 30 and 60 seconds to adjust your panel. We suggest taking a level and placing it on top of the panel so you can be 100% sure the panels are level and exactly where you want them to be.

At Woodstock Walls we pride ourselves on attention to detail and customer care. We understand that everyone’s project is unique and special. So yes, there may be other ways to put up a wall but there’s only one faster, cleaner and more efficient way. Your project deserves Woodstock Walls.