Reclaimed wood vs Shiplap – Is your house unique or cliché?

Board Wash - White Reclaimed Wood Wall

Reclaimed wood wall

When looking to decorate your home, you cannot sacrifice uniqueness, after all, it’s the space where you will spend most of your time at. Hence, with all the similarities between houses, reclaimed wood is a powerful, durable way to provide a specific and original look to your walls.

However, Shiplap wood is also a popular method used in interior designs -first used during the Viking age.  The choice between Shiplap and reclaimed wood may seem like an easy one because Shiplap is used by millions across the U.S. – but in fact, reclaimed wood is the superior option.


Shiplap: Circumstances are not ideal

Over the past few years, it is hard to argue that the use of Shiplap wood is not popular, as the appearance of multiple farmhouse styles in the homes, resulted in utilizing shiplap walls to add a natural element and character to the house.

Given the affordability of Shiplap, homeowners were satisfied paying a small amount while enjoying this option across different parts of their houses, in living rooms, kitchens, or even bathrooms. The next major thing is the installation process, although it is quite easy,  there are a few common mistakes you need to avoid to prevent a DIY Shiplap Fail.

In reality, homeowners may be bothered by the fact that shiplap is believed to attract dust, which may result in the home looking dirty… Plus, it does not fit with every house, and there is a high probability that your house will not look the way you envisioned.


Reclaimed wood: Durable, elegant, original

Wood paneling comes in a variety of textures, colors, and sorts, but most importantly, they are connected to the old-growth forest when generations of trees grew naturally with the lack of technology. The result is denser fiber, making the panels durable against all types of extreme weather conditions, dust, and humidity.

We all have our busy schedules, and taking care of home is a fundamental work, that requires a lot of effort, especially when using Shiplap wood.  There is a high probability that Shiplap will get wet, due to moisture and humidity, which can result in bad circumstances such as the decay of wood and sabotaging the elegant look of your house.


Eco-friendly for Nature lovers

Are you a nature lover? Do you like to preserve precious Earth resources? Then, definitely, you should choose reclaimed barn wood when looking to decorate with wood walls. Apart from their unbeatable original look, the natural vibe it provides,  and the variety of designs – it is like owning an original piece of history in your home. You can check when you pass by Las Vegas, Nevada or easily navigate through Woodstock Walls, to see the undeniable beauty for yourself.

From sourcing to installation, reclaimed wood provides multiple benefits to the environment, it salvages wood that would otherwise be wasted. Not to mention it prevents cutting an unnecessary huge number of trees.

It has been proven that biophilic design and reclaimed barn wood have a positive impact on humans’ happiness, plus, they help you connect nature and a modern lifestyle in a coherent manner.

It is true that this type of wood is premium, hence, it is logical that its price is more expensive than Shiplap, but for that price, you will have a unique piece, with a story and unmatched characteristics from woods coming from all around the world, and from different centuries.


Inspiration to business owners

It is not just about the design, durability, sustainability, or quality. In fact, as a homeowner, you have to understand that reclaimed pieces are not going to look exactly the same, even if pieces came from the same building. You cannot find similar pieces, but still, they will provide your house with a distinguishable look with the most beautiful characteristics ever.

The benefits of reclaimed barn wood inspired many businesses to create entire spaces centered around the inclusion of reclaimed wood, in order to enhance employees’ productivity and mood.

It comes down to personal preferences, after all, some would say that Shiplap wood is an effective choice for your project, however, this type of wood clearly lacks the characteristics of reclaimed wood in terms of design and material.


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