3 Places in Your Home that Could Use Reclaimed Wood Walls

Reclaimed wood walls

Congratulations! You’ve finally moved into your own home. As the brainstorming begins, you start to wonder how exactly you want each room to look and feel. Plain white walls can be dull. On the other hand, painting walls can be a hassle.

Have you ever thought about decorating your home with reclaimed wood?

Reclaimed wood paneling is a fun and easy way to add some character to any room in your home. Here are three places in your pad that could use an upgrade with reclaimed wood paneling.

3 Places in Your Home That Could Use Reclaimed Wood Walls

The Fireplace

Besides the television, the fireplace is usually the main visual focal point in a living room. With that being said, this makes it a great place to add a decorative touch. Pairing reclaimed wood panels with your fireplace can create a cozy, inviting, and elegant look to your family room or den.

There are a few things you should know when crafting this rustic style fireplace. Wood Panels can create a limited amount of light in the desired room. Often wood panels can make a place seem darker and enclosed.  To prevent this cave-like feel, consider adding an overhead light fixture to compliment the room.

The Bathroom

Bathrooms can look very “clinical” if four white walls surround you.  Reclaimed wood walls  in your bathroom can create contrast, especially with different countertops like soapstone and marble. A custom vanity approach like this allows you to merge a contemporary style with a rustic twist with ease.

Heads up! Potential moisture problems may occur if you do not seal your reclaimed wood. Swelling and contracting can happen due to the moisture in the air. We recommend sealing any wood paneled surface in your bathroom with linseed oil or traditional urethane. Sealing your wood will prevent any moisture or soap residue to seep in.

The Bedroom

Many people like to play it safe when decorating their bedroom by using traditional or contemporary styles. Some may even consider it risky and difficult to pull off a rustic bedroom look, but Interior wood plank walls are perfect for making your bed the room’s focal point. This will also add more texture and visual weight to your bedroom.

Some people like to paint their wooden planks but maybe consider flaunting the naturalistic colors and imperfections. This will give your room the cozy and rustic feel you’ve always wanted.

Decorating Your Home With Reclaimed Wood Walls

Reclaimed wood walls can help you turn any room in your home into a personal masterpiece. This may seem like quite a bit of work, but creating a rustic vibe in your home just became easier! Click & Stick walls can make decorating your home with reclaimed wood accessible and affordable for any DIYer like yourself. Contact us today at 1(800) 985-5266 or email us at [email protected] to order a sample and feel free to ask any questions about installation.

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  1. this is so great! I have a fire place in my bedroom! so ill definitely be getting some reclaimed wood planks for that!

  2. yea were converting are attic into a secondary office space, after we installed the reclaimed wood, you couldn’t even tell it was an attic!

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  5. Yea I was worried about the labor involved when it came to reclaimed wood paneling but this seems manageable now thank you for the information!

  6. My next apartment I’m going to make sure it has a fire place so I can try out so of these wood wall paneling ideas with reclaimed wood they sound so gorgeous!

  7. I thought it was going to be way harder to put reclaimed wood into our bedroom! thank you for this information!

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