The Fastest DIY Reclaimed Wood Wall – Click & Stick

Board Wash - White Reclaimed Wood Wall

Some people are natural do-it-yourselfers who don’t shy away from getting their hands dirty. They love the feeling of having control over what they are creating. Others view DIY projects as too time-consuming and possibly too hard. Woodstock Walls Click & Stick wood wall installation system was created for DIY enthusiasts and novices alike looking […] continue reading »

Reclaimed Wood Beams & Wall Cladding

Authentic grey weathered barn wood glued up to make reclaimed wood beams and wall cladding for a new local resort. These wide planks were created with our Sterling gray reclaimed lumber. Learn more about this project with behind the scenes details on our Youtube channel.      Follow us on Facebook! Use #woodstockwalls to show us […] continue reading »

Reclaimed Wood History – An American Relic

red reclaimed wood barn

Many buildings and structures have remained unchanged and unharmed throughout American history. Other building materials have collapsed over time, wood is a resilient material that has stood the tests of time. Hundreds of thousands of acres of trees no longer exist since the start of American colonization. Wood became an ideal construction choice for agricultural […] continue reading »

Reclaimed Wood Floating Shelves

Matching pair of shelves made with authentic American reclaimed wood. These floating shelves have shades of our Rustic Mill brown reclaim lumber and miter edges so no hardware is showing.                     Follow us on Facebook! Use #woodstockwalls to show us what you’ve created with our panels. […] continue reading »

Reclaimed Wood Barn Doors for Pantry

We created these custom made reclaimed wood sliding barn doors for a pantry. One door is wider than the other. The doors were made with our individual Sequoia reclaimed wood panels which is a unique mix of greys, browns and other colors. The styles and rails are painted black to resemble a metal u-channel edge. […] continue reading »